Free Ways

I'm proud to announce the release of a new series of contemporary landscape works 'Free Ways'. These pieces are represented by Otomys Arthouse. You can view and purchase these pieces here.

"Our artwork by Lindsay Blamey is pretty special" Kyal and Kara - The Block

Kyal and Kara created a haven of minimalist luxury that still provided life and warmth complemented by a white, grey and orange palette inspired by the gorgeous limited edition artwork by Lindsay Blamey. “It looks finished, luxurious, sophisticated and contemporary,” said Darren Palmer. Neale Whitaker could barely contain himself "How good is that artwork" said Neale. He thinks they got the balance just right, and demonstrated a clear understanding of the potential buyer.

“I was shopping for bedside tables and art and I came across the artwork,” Kara says. “I loved the colours and the feel, it was so moody and industrial.”  “It just really stands out, we became attached to it,” Kyal adds. It was just the sort of piece they were looking for, and it worked well with the neutral items they’d already purchased for the room. Then it was just a matter of peppering colour references throughout the space – and the judges admired their restraint.

What was your favourite item this week @Kyal&Kara? "Our artwork by Lindsay Blamey is pretty special".

I loved your Lindsay Blamey artwork. How important do you feel it is to have a focal point like artwork in a room? So important! We discussed having a TV on the wall but felt the room would be lacking character. When I saw the Lindsay Blamey artwork  I knew it was the perfect piece for the space. We used the art to pull out colours for the room, and set the ‘mood’ of the styling.

'From a Great Height' by Lindsay Blamey featured in Kyal and Kara's winning room on The Block 2014.

'From a Great Height' by Lindsay Blamey featured in Kyal and Kara's winning room on The Block 2014.

CLU Living

I now have works at CLU Living, 265 Swan st Richmond. Including new landscapes! Lots of great things to check out. CLU is an exciting lifestyle furniture and homewares brand that offers home furnishing solutions for compact living. Here is a great article on Christopher Lu of CLU living at Habitusliving.


I'm exhibiting at Design Made Trade 2013. If you're attending the event please drop by and view my new works I will be exhibiting.